About the Blog:

The Graduate Wife.com was created to share honest, real life stories that will inspire hope and encouragement for women who find themselves as graduate wives for a season of life. Graduate wives enter this journey through varying points of view, with different cultures, faiths, and economic backgrounds. Our hope is that the common thread of the ‘graduate wife’ journey will unite us, allowing us to learn from one another through thoughtful conversation and reflection as we share our stories with each other.  Click Here to read our welcome post.

Meet the Co-Founders:

MCM.C. Stevens moved to Oxford in 2010, met Mandy, and The Graduate Wife was born a few months later! She loves sharing ideas and stories and is so thankful TGW has been able to do that while also offering support to many readers.  M.C. is the mother of two, wife of a former graduate student, and she loves painting, designing, reading, sharing meals with friends, and discovering island life in her current home in the Caribbean. (Watch out…you never know where this academic journey can lead your family!)

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Mandy Strine became a graduate wife in 2004, when her husband decided to leave the business world to become a theologian. She currently resides in England. She is passionate about grad wives having a voice to tell their stories. When she’s not busy chasing her incredibly active sons around, she enjoys cooking, traveling, painting old furniture, being out in the sunshine (when it actually shines), and a good gin and tonic.



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  1. Have been reading this blog a while and only just realised that we once hosted Syman Stevens at our home in St Andrews when you were first in Oxford. I vividly remember him telling me all about his amazing wife Mary Catherine and am so glad to see what wonderful things you’ve been doing with all of your talents since then! Great work, indeed.

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