And The Winner Is…..

We hope everyone enjoyed the royal wedding. It was a beautiful day here in England and the church bells tolled all over the country in celebration for the happy couple!

We have posted below the winner to our funny wedding story contest. It was shared by one of our graduate wife readers and it makes me think about the some what “absent minded professors” that many of us find ourselves married to. Haha.  Enjoy!

On our wedding day, my husband-to-be decided to escape his groomsmen for a few minutes to clear his head to think and pray. He knew he had 10 minutes before the ceremony was to begin, so he sat down in a chair to catch his breath.

20 MINUTES later (note: 10 minutes AFTER the service was to begin), my lovely husband-to-be awoke with a start. He had fallen asleep during his time of meditation.

Luckily for him, guests were still being seated, and he wasn’t missed….but seriously, who falls asleep 10 minutes before their wedding?

Happy day to everyone!

Mandy and MC


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