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A Graduate Degree in Suffering

Written by Katherine – a former graduate wife
Just over 3 years ago, our lives were the normal but fabulous, “the world is our oyster” lives of a
broke graduate law student and his wife.  With a precious 6 month old baby boy, living in married
housing on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus with a view of the Pacific Ocean, tons of friends and pursuing our dreams, we thought life was perfect.  Then, our world was turned completely upside down. 

I wrote this on April 22nd of this year (“Katherine Lived Day”).
My husband, Jay wrote this around that time on his blog
(a beautiful memoir of our married student housing).
This has all been very hard.  I am still in rehab today.  My husband has had to be both mommy and daddy, both husband and wife.  My mother is an almost full-time caregiver to my son.  I cannot drive and can only barely walk.  Read this and this about the hardest time from my ordeal.
Interestingly enough so many cool things have come out of this, and we are extremely grateful for each and every blessing.  One of the biggest blessings has been this I get to do the work I feel I was created to do–to speak about Hope.  We cling to that hope every single day.  We may not ever understand why this happened to us, but we know and trust the God who does know–and that is enough.
Thankfully, we are done with formal schooling of any kind and are enjoying real life, 
though if there were an honorary degree in
“Surviving and Thriving After Suffering and Trials”
we just might be awarded it…


14 thoughts on “A Graduate Degree in Suffering

  1. You are an inspiration of Hope to me. When I think my load is heavy and I feel weak I look to my hero Katherine Wolf and say Amen I can do this with Gods help.

  2. Kat and Jay. You two are awsome as: Christlike.
    I learn so much from you in your stories about life. Your messages of hope are all of that and more.
    Love you both…………John (CASA)

  3. Thank you Katherine for sharing your story! I was very inspired by you, your family, and your story. I have to admit you moved me to tears. I will be continuing to pray for ya’ll. You reminded me how much faith, hope, and love are vital in my life. God is the center and with Him all is possible. BTW…you and your family are beautiful!! PS…Has anyone ever told you your husband looks like Mark Ruffalo?! :)

  4. I prayed for Katherine and followed her story from the time of this awful incident which changed her life. I am so impressed with how she and her family have handled this huge challenge. From one Samford girl to another, I’m very proud!

  5. As always, you have inspired me..I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby but I do have a Publix and I’m going to buy flowers right now!!!
    Keep on keeping the faith,
    Leigh Ross
    Thomasville, GA

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