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Have you ever found yourself asking one of these questions??

One of the most difficult things about being on the graduate wife journey is the moving process.  It’s not easy navigating in a new place, trying to find a grocery store, a place to worship, or a park for the kids to play in. Even though a new adventure can be exciting, we know how frustrating and challenging it is to start over.

It is one of our goals on this blog to alleviate some of that frustration. So, welcome to The Inside Scoop!

Under the Resource tab, you’ll find a section called “Inside Scoop.” Once you click there you will find options to view info pages on different universities towns.  We only have two submissions up and running so far, so take a look.

Now, this is where we need YOUR help!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have information on all the schools of our readers, from all over the world?  Wouldn’t you have simply loved having something like this on your move to…England, Indiana, California or Germany? Would you be willing to partner with us to provide information, so we can create a pdf for the school you are attending?  If so, please follow the Oxford template and email us at: . It can be a little information, or a lot, but our plan is to keep updating these as information is supplied to us.  Don’t let the size of the two submissions already posted intimidate you…if you can only provide a few basic points, that is fine!

As we think back to the times we’ve moved to a new city (and country!) where we didn’t know a soul, we can only imagine how a resource like this would have impacted us. And, as we’ve written before, the Graduate Wife blog belongs to all of us, and any assistance could be extraordinarily beneficial to those coming behind us. Your journey will impact theirs!

With gratitude,

-Mandy & M.C.


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