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Celebrate. II

Heeding Mandy’s call to celebrate…I want to celebrate today because my daughter knows my name.  She calls me ‘mumma’, with the sweetest little voice and the slightest hint of a British accent (well almost).   She has been saying it for a while, like when I pick her up from the nursery at church or when she wanders into the kitchen and finds me cooking.  She definitely can recognize me, but it wasn’t until just last week that it was like she really got it.

She looked up at me, touched my cheek with her soft hand and said ‘mumma’.  She smiled from ear to ear and seemed so pleased with herself.  All day she kept saying it again and again and I felt my heart melt when she said ‘mumma’ and ‘dade’ repeatedly as we were both getting her ready for bed.

It is definitely the little things.  Celebrating the moments that make up our busy lives… the moments that bring us to life in the process.  This is such a wonderful challenge on this graduate wife journey.  Many times we get caught up in the big picture (where are we moving, where will we get a job, how can I support my husband during this hard time, etc.) and we lose sight of the beauty in the every day.

So, here’s to celebrating your identity and someone knowing, trusting and delighting in your name.


What are you celebrating today?


2 thoughts on “Celebrate. II

  1. I’m celebrating that my beautiful son is full of energy. He is active, strong, and healthy and I couldn’t ask for more. He brings new light and joy to my world every day and I am so grateful! I love celebrating the beauty and small things in my life everyday. Thanks for reminding us M.C. and Mandy!!! xo

  2. ahhhh, this brings tears to my eyes!! “mumma!” i love it so much. :) what i’m celebrating today is family. i have my sweet mother in town visiting for 10 days, and she brings such warmth and joy into my life. my hubs is gone for the summer, and having family members that will drop everything to come visit me makes me feel so blessed and thankful. xoxo

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