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Monday’s Food for Thought: Sketchbook Project

This time last year I was gung-ho about signing up for the amazing sketchbook project put on by the ArtHouse Co-op (a group out of Brooklyn that creates massive international art projects that tie artists from around the globe together).  The sketchbook project takes the sketchbooks submitted by thousands on tour.

 It is like a world concert tour, but of sketchbooks.

Sadly, with our move across the ocean, delayed shipment of my treasured art supplies and a big trip back to the US in December…I dropped the ball and never finished my book.  I had planned the entire theme of the sketchbook to be on my graduate wife journey, even though I was only a few months into it at that point.  Happily, when I discovered the Art House was doing it another year, I jumped on board and hope to have a wonderful sketchbook that depicts in images and a few words,  my graduate wife journey!  It is a challenge to work on something like this, but it is also so good to be stretched and forced to think inwardly about myself and my life in a way that is ‘outside the box’.

I encourage you to check out this fascinating experiment of thought, imagination and the ideas behind getting ‘art’ and ‘inspiration’ to the masses.  It is only $25 dollars to participate and receive a sketchbook. Even if you don’t ‘feel’ like an artist, you should totally give it a try.  You can use almost any materials and you can get really creative.  The deadline is quickly approaching so check it out soon!  Wouldn’t it be cool if we were all able to document our graduate wife journeys in different ways through this project?

Image, word, photo, poetry, color, shape… 



One thought on “Monday’s Food for Thought: Sketchbook Project

  1. I love the idea of this. I’m thinking of doing it, but I don’t have any art supplies here with me. Is there a “hobby lobby” (don’t laugh) type store here? I’m sure there’s not, but any ideas of where I could find inexpensive supplies would be great! Thanks for the post.

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