Monday’s Food for Thought: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

In the last few months, I’ve become interested in photography. I’m definitely not great (or even good) at it, but I’m learning what it takes to capture an image, and I have enjoyed reconnecting with the artist dwelling in me.

A friend of mine sent this article to me, and to be honest, I think it is absolutely fabulous what Help-Potrait is doing. I can honestly say that I’d never considered photography as a way of giving back to a community; it has challenged me to think outside of the box in my own community, and how I could ‘give back’ using what I consider to be a dabbling hobby.

In my own world, it made me think of the thousands of photographs my mother has of our family; or my friend, Tracey, who literally spent weeks going through photographs, cataloging them for her six children; or my own stack of photographs I’m collecting of my son.

I don’t think I ever realized what a treasure a photo can be; but even as I sit here, I look around my flat, photos of friends and family displayed everywhere, beautiful reminders of people I love.

And they are treasures.



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