Snapshots & words

Snapshot:  I am sitting on a hotel bed with two of my dearest friends in the world, eating chocolates and drinking red wine.  We are laughing, crying and praying together.  We haven’t seen each other in many many months and only have about 18 hours to spend together.  Honest, beautiful, rich, true.

Snapshot: I am at a ballet performance of the Nutcracker with my mother and my daughter.  My daughter is dancing in the aisles as each new character takes the stage.  My eyes fight back tears as I remember my own Nutcracker performances and my mother’s dear affection during the years. Heritage, delight, curiosity, growth.

Snapshot: I am at my in-laws and there is a buzz of energy as different relatives are arriving.  I watch my family gather around my brother-in-law to support him as he prepares to make a move to the big apple in a few days time. Patience, commitment, gentleness, love.

Snapshot:  I am gathered in a huddle around a family member about to have major surgery.  There is stillness about us as we reach out and touch him.  We begin to pray out loud, one at a time.  Vulnerability, surrender, hope, peace.

As I reflect upon the past year and even upon the past three weeks that I have spent traveling for Christmas (where these snapshots came from) I am reminded afresh of the gift of life.  Life…with all it’s strange, beautiful and trying experiences.  Each little snapshot here and there that makes us who we are.  As 2012 rolls our way, many of us graduate wives will face graduations (yeah!), moves, changes, or even just the reality of another year full of support, sacrifice and encouragement that comes with being in this role for this season.  Not to sound too cheesy, but I hope we can treasure life.

May we treasure the snapshots.

May we find meaning and joy in the little things.

May we find ways to capture moments in our hearts and may we never cease sharing them with each other.

Happy 2012!!



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