Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: This wacky world…

So, I gotta say that this fascinating little article from CNN’s lightyears blog tickled my fancy.  I was pretty excited that I could relate to it…but only because I happen to be familiar with it’s content due to my husband’s research in the philosophy of physics.  The article showcases a recent study conducted with a group of Oxford Physicists that basically proves the strange and somewhat startling reality that two very separate objects can experience the same effects at the very same moment as though connected to each other in some mysterious way.  This is the first time, at least I think it is, that scientist were able to show that common everyday objects can experience some of the fascinating and strange qualities that happen in quantum mechanics (the physics of things at the atomic level).  If you don’t know what quantum mechanics is, I hope that you will google it.  :) I found myself doing that a lot when my husband and I were dating.   It’s absolutely fascinating and enthralling.  You might even be interested in watching this funny little youtube clip complete with a cartoon to help explain some of the most surprising behavior in quantum mechanics.  It makes me marvel at the depth and beauty of creation and leaves me with much food for thought.  I like how the articles closes “It’s just really fascinating, and really confusing, at the same time.”  Haha, well said.  Enjoy!



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