Wednesday's Weekly Tip

Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Travel on a budget

So, here it is: we slowly started gathering loads of helpful tips for the ‘graduate wife journey’ from readers or from other great sources online.  We started thinking …. what should we do with all this helpful stuff?  It seemed like a lot to cram into a few postings here and there, so we opted for a weekly (or close to it) tips post.


Wednesday’s Weekly Tip is debuting.  If you have any good tips for anything from living on a budget, sharing the graduate journey with your spouse, to great sites to buy/DIY kids toys or even something as random as how to get out a hard stain, please share!  We have gathered quite a few already and would love to feature something from you.  So here goes.  Happy Tip Day!

You will remember our amazing friend and former graduate wife, Katherine, from her post here on TGW a while back.  Please join us as we take a visit to her blog for our first installation of Wednesday’s Weekly Tip for a fabulous little bit on: How to Travel on a Budget.  (yahoo!)


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