Beauty and the Budget

Beauty and the Budget: Valentine DIY

Happy early Valentines Day!  If you are like me, you take every chance you get to celebrate something and V-day should be no exception.  Mandy is not so much a fan :), but I am hoping to rope her into some fun V-day crafting with these amazingly simple, inexpensive (and almost free) DIY Valentines crafts I gathered online.  I have family visiting right now (yahoo!) and sadly didn’t have the time to share a few of my own, but the below are pretty fab to say the least.

 Let’s face it, we are graduate wives, we support, love, and sacrifice a lot during the year so let’s celebrate this season that honors all those things we are learning how to do best.   Treat yourself to a box of chocolates and have fun making some of these goodies for those you love.  Enjoy!

I am kind of into the “You light my fire” theme for some reason…and came across these two little beauties.  Super special and sweet. (for tutorials and sources click here & here)

Seriously….I couldn’t resist this.  Where oh where do our grad school spouses spend most of their days?  Bingo…love note library cards.  Genius. (for tutorials and source click  here )

I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish we still said ‘da bomb’  (This is a great deal, fun to make and just think of how to put the leftover massage oil to work!) (for tutorials and source click  here)

Last but most definitely not least.  Yes, please!  It took me about two seconds to realize I must do this adorable little gift as soon as possible.  If you don’t have photoshop or a scanner, just make a small framed print of your actual thumbprints.  (I hope my hubs doesn’t see this because this is what I am making for him!) (for tutorials and source click  here)

So if even if none of these DIY gems enticed you into celebrating, at least try out one of these fun treats on Feb. 14th.  Yummm! (for ice-cream sandwich recipe click here)


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