Wednesday's Weekly Tip

Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Get a Free Book Today!

I couldn’t help but share a fun tip for all the Oxford readers out there.  I don’t know if you have ever been to Barefoot Books (the new children’s bookstore in Summertown), but you should, and you should make today the day to visit!  We go for the story time there from time to time and to be honest I have never actually bought a book, due to the somewhat high prices.  Hard to pay £10 on a paperback when I know I get them at the library book sale for .20p each.  Anyways,  when we went in today I was asked to fill out a ten minute survey and along with that I could choose any book for FREE!  I completed it in 5 minutes and picked up the jungle boogie book that my daughter loves, along with the music dvd included in the flap, for nothing!  So, head over to Barefoot Books and ask for the survey and free book. Even if you don’t have kids, pick one up for a friend and enjoy a delicious latte in their storyteller’s cafe while you are there.

Other readers not in Oxford, do you have any tips you could share about local deals in your neck of the woods?!  We’d love to start sharing them on our Wednesday Weekly Tips!



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