Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: Inspiring People

The London Marathon was held last Sunday, and as both my husband and I are runners, we always take interest in what is going on in and around the marathon. A week before it took place, this article came out on the BBC.

Fauja Singh announced this would be his last marathon, after only running 8 marathons.He plans to continue running smaller races (half marathons/10Ks).

Part of me wondered, WHY is this news? Then I read further – Mr Singh is 101 years old. He started running when he was 89 years old.

I’ve thought a lot about Mr Singh over the past 2 weeks. Every time I’ve began to make an excuse or procrastinate about accomplishing something, I’ve thought about the tenacity and drive that he must possess – and honestly, I’ve found it inspiring.

I sincerely hope that as I grow older, I continue to try new things and strive for ways that will forge new growth in my own life.

Who inspires you today?



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