Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies: Downton Abbey

Recently, I joined the Downton Abbey bandwagon, after fighting it for the better part of a year. After blitzing through the first two seasons, I am now impatiently waiting for season three to begin. Will Mary and Matthew finally get married? Will Edith find a beau? Does everyone hate Thomas as much as I do? How will Sybil adapt to life in Ireland? Could Maggie Smith be any funnier?

These are the questions currently keeping me up at night. (Not really. Maybe.)

I stumbled across these two little gems, and thought they were worth sharing on this sunny Friday. (If the sun is not shining where you live, I do apologize. The sun has not shone here in England in almost two weeks, so I think it’s worth celebrating today). If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, you’ll find them a wonderful parody of the show. If you’re not a fan of the show, then download them off Itunes, or better yet, buy the DVDs. Then, plan to lose at least three days on the couch.

I hope they make you laugh today! Happy Friday!


Downton Abbey on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


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