Monday's Food for Thought

Shuga’ Mommas: Coconut Curried Chicken and Broccoli

I’ve been quite bored with our family’s recent selection of dinner meals (this is my own fault, really, since I’m the one who plans them). I finally had time over the weekend to sit down with my best recipe friend, the internet, to try to come up with some new ideas. I needed something quick, easy, and healthy.

After perusing websites, pinterest, and random cooking blogs, I stumbled upon this recipe, and immediately thought this might be a good one to try. (And my other half is not to bothered about being used as a recipe guinea pig). Since moving to the UK, I have fallen in love with curry. I love the smell of Indian spices, flavours, and well, naan. Who doesn’t like naan?

So, I made it. It was FABULOUS. My 2 year old son, who seemingly only ever eats pasta, actually ate it and said, “Mummy, it’s so good!” Winner!

You can find the recipe here. My only advice:

1. Make the sauce a few hours before, to let the flavours develop.

2. It keeps well in the fridge, and makes great leftovers.

3. Serve over rice. (I opted out of the rice, and it was still amazing).

4. For the ‘shakes’ in the recipe, I used 1 TBSP of each, but if you favour one flavour over another, add away.





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