Wednesday's Weekly Tip

Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Marriage and Grad School-Tips To Help Make It Through

This fabulous article lists 6 great tips for surviving marriage while in graduate school.

We loved the introduction:

“As a couple, you’re ecstatic. One of you slogged through exam preparation, endless essays, formidable forms and now there’s finally an acceptance letter in the mail. But what should you anticipate when one of you is starting graduate school? Beginning work on a new degree can have a significant impact on your marriage.”

“Obviously, the seismic impact of graduate school depends somewhat on the nature of your spouse’s program, and some factors are unique to different situations. However, here are six areas to pay close attention to while your husband or wife is earning their advanced degree.”

The six areas covered in the article were:

1. Time Management and Dealing with Stress

2. Relationship Drainers

3. Dealing with Finances

4. Sleep Deprivation and Sex

5. Dealing with New “Friends”

6. Tips for the Long Haul

Definitely worth the read!

-Mandy and MC


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