Monday's Food for Thought

Welcome Back!

Welcome back dear graduate wife readers!

After a much needed break, we are excited to be back and to offer a full fall line-up for you. Get ready for many more personal and inspiring stories, a new “Dear Abby” style column, many exciting seasonal cooking and Beauty & the Budget tips, and much more.

It is definitley starting to look and feel like fall around Oxford and to kick us off for for this new school year, we are highlighting below some previous posts that help prepare us for this new season. If you are a new reader-welcome!! If you are a faithful follower of the group we hope this next year on the blog will bring you much more reflection, support and inspiration.

Happy fall and start of term!

Mandy & M.C.

p.s. If you are just beginning your grad wife journey, check out the resources tab-Inside Scoop to hopefully find more info on your new city!  And even if you aren’t just beginning and there still isn’t info on your current city under the resources tab, then please contribute some info today!!!

What I Wish I Had Known
You say Goodbye, I say Hello
Starting Over


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