It’s that time of year again!

Dear readers,

If any of you are new to the Oxford community, please check out these two wonderful events coming up.  The first is a Spouse Orientation Day that The Graduate Wife helps facilitate with the University and the details for that can be found here (scroll to the last page of the PDF).  It is to be held on Friday, 28th of September from 2-5pm.

We are also hosting our second annual Graduate Spouse/Partner Cream Tea for new spouses, partners and families in the Oxford area.  If you’d like to come for a free cream tea and meet some new faces then please come along!  See the below flyer for more details!

And if you aren’t in the Oxford area but have found yourself just starting this ‘grad wife’ journey or simply moving to a new school, we want to encourage you to seek out any/all newcomer or welcome events that you can find.  As the countless stories on here can attest, there is nothing more valuable to this journey than having a community around you if at all possible.

Lastly, if there isn’t anything like this at your university for newcomers, we encourage you to start something yourself!  It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe even just a simple welcome ‘tea’ hosted in the common room at your university married housing dorm.  Make a simple flyer, bake some cookies, and invite others to come mingle for a bit.  It can truly make a world of difference to meet a smiling face on one’s first few days in a new place.

Happy Term!


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