Wednesday's Weekly Tip

Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Random Household Secrets II

Today’s tips come again from the quirky little 4 Ingredients book that we have highlighted before in our Shuga’ Momma’s column.  The below tips are a bit random, but fun, thrifty and worth giving a try.  I have used vaseline to remove my eye make-up for years, but now I am definitely going to give the baby oil a go; and I’m also especially curious how the bleach in the fresh flowers turns out?!  Enjoy! -M.C.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Random Household Secrets II

  1. As a floral designer, I will say the bleach in the flower water will most certainly work…flowers LOVE clean water! And change it often; your flowers will last much longer with clean, fresh water than with mucky water :)

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