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Shuga’ Mommas: Paleasagna?

So, lately I have really gotten into the whole ‘gluten-free’ thing.  It all started with a few friends who challenged me to do a sort of ‘detox’ in my diet when I kept complaining of being exhausted all the time.  I tried it out and believe it or not, I started feeling great.  Better than I had felt in years!  Who knew that my energy levels were so closely connected to what I was eating.  And don’t get me wrong, I have always been a pretty healthy eater.  It was on a very very rare occasion that I’d ever buy a bag of chips or a soft drink.  But as I began to take a closer look at what I was eating (even though most of it was deemed ‘healthy’) I realized I could start to take control of my energy levels and start feeling really good with a few easy changes.

I also realized that this new habit of eating had started to directly influence my husband and his work as well!  The less gluten and dairy we ate, the better we slept at night, the more rested we felt during the day, and the less he felt like he was going to crash at 3pm and the more productive he became.  Perfect for our spouses that need the right fuel to keep them going all day in library!

My first thought was, “Man, this is going to be tricky, right?”  I had believed that eating gluten free and dairy free was going to be incredibly expensive and hard work.  There is definitley more ‘chopping’ involved in my meals :) but the trade off of feeling good is so worth it.  Sorry to ramble on, I just had to share the story behind my posting this recipe for today.

Today’s recipe is a pasta-free version of lasagna and it is amazing! Even if you aren’t interested in going gluten-free, the below offers a healthier option to regular lasagna and it is truly delicious.  Good for those chilly Autumn nights ahead!  Enjoy!


Click here for link to full recipe.

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{note: the dish is called ‘paleasagna’ because the website hosts recipes for people doing the ‘paleo’ type diet.}


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