Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: Attitude Is Everything

Do you ever have moments as a graduate spouse/partner when you feel like everything is going wrong, simple daily tasks feel like a challenge, and things in general are just plain hard?

I’ve had plenty of those moments; and when I do, I always try to think of something positive or why I’m fortunate to have the life I do.  Spencer West’s story made me think especially long and hard.  If this guy climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with no legs, surely I can make it to the end of my husband’s PhD program!

So when you hit a rough spot, ask yourself:

  • what is good about the journey you are on
  • what assets/strengths do you posses to make it through
  • what would someone who doesn’t have access to higher education sacrifice to be where you are today?

I’ve found that asking myself these questions helps me keep a better attitude and (dare I say it) can even make this journey seem like a positive thing even on the darkest days.  Now that sounds like some serious food for thought!

-Heather, a current graduate wife


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