Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: Why Gratitude Is Good

These past two weeks, my facebook and twitter feed has practically blown up with everyone’s daily November thanks. Since Remembrance Sunday was also just commemorated in the UK, I’ve spent most of November thinking a lot about gratitude, and wondering what it would look like if the November thanks given every year was continued throughout the rest of the year. What would it look like in the winter doldrums, in the spring flowers, or the summer sunshine?

Gratitude is good for us. Yes, it is good for our souls, as it reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves; but did you know it can be good for our physical bodies as well? I recently stumbled across this article by Dr Robert Emmons, a world leading expert on the practice of gratitude and the effects it has on our physical health, psychological well-being, and relationships with others.

Dr Emmons says that gratitude is good for us in these four ways:

1. Gratitude allows us to celebrate the present.

2. Gratitude blocks toxic, negative emotions.

3. Grateful people are more stress resistant.

4. Grateful people have a higher sense of self-worth.

Do you do anything to cultivate gratitude in your own life throughout the whole year?

Something to think about this Monday morning!


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