Shuga' Mommas

Shuga’ Mommas: Chocolate Brownies

Have you ever had a dessert that was so decadent, that you practically swooned while eating it?

This is how I feel about this brownie recipe.

My friend, Catie, was gracious enough to pass this amazing recipe straight from her own kitchen to our GW readers.  Do you know what the most wonderful thing about it is, besides the chocolate? It’s versatile – so you can make it gluten free, or gooey, or cakey, or really however you like brownies. I guarantee after you’ve made a batch, you’ll never ever ever ever ever again travel the boxed brownie route. I know I haven’t.

And, let’s be honest. It’s nice to have a new, easy, delicious recipe to be used in the midst of a busy holiday season!

Catie’s Brownies


  • Butter (190 grams)
  • 2 blocks of quality dark chocolate (150 grams each)
  •  2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup of flour

Melt the butter and blocks of chocolate in a saucepan. After melted, remove from stove and stir in 2 tsp of vanilla extract. Add in 2 cups of sugar and stir. Stir/mix in 4 eggs, then 1 cup of flour.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, at 325F (163C).

A couple of notes:

1. I typically add in 1 tsp of almond extract in addition to the vanilla. But, you can add in all kinds of things: brandy, rum, peppermint…the sky is the limit.

2. To make your brownies more cake like, add more flour.

3. To make gluten free: use gluten free flour, and 1 tsp of xantham gum.

You’re welcome. (Trust me, every time you make these, people will profusely thank you). And, thanks to Catie for the recipe!

What’s your favourite holiday treat? Would you be willing to share it with our GW readers? If so, send us an email.



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