Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: Create Common Good

Meet my good friend, Tara Russell, CEO (and former graduate wife!) of Create Common Good. Based in Boise, ID, CCG is an amazing company designed to provide training and employment to refugees and others in need. They are passionately committed to disrupting the cycle of poverty while strengthening local communities.Their experiential programs transform lives by teaching self-sufficiency and by bringing access to fresh, conveniently prepared, local food products.

In the past few years, they have trained approximately 1/3 of the refugee adults entering the state of Idaho annually. Since early 2009, CCG’s job-training efforts have impacted the lives of 1500 refugee family members. CCG has built an alternative education system for those who have had little or no educational opportunities throughout their traumatic lifetimes.

CCG has fed tens of thousands of people over the past four years through their farms, value-added food products, catering, and production food services. CCG provides fresh, healthy, and convenient foods in a variety of locations throughout the Treasure Valley. CCG believes in quality, natural, whole foods and produces meals primarily from scratch.

I absolutely love what Tara and her team are doing, and the impact they’re having on the lives of refugees on the west coast of America is staggering. They are currently raising $450,000 to build a larger facility; if you’re looking for a place to donate money this holiday season, then please do give here.

By giving, you could literally change the life of a refugee or a refugee family.



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