Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: Would you let your child sleep outdoors in sub-zero temperatures?

I saw this article last week, and thought it was absolutely fascinating. It’s a well known joke amongst most of our English friends that Americans like to keep their homes ‘boiling’ hot. Compared to most of our English friends, and the temperature I currently have set in our flat, I would say that in most cases that’s probably correct.

Children in Europe seem to be conditioned to the cold weather, and at least for me, this article confirms that. I didn’t let my son sleep outside when he napped as a baby/toddler, but he handles the cold weather better than I do. I do remember my own parents turning down the heating at night stating, “You sleep better when the room is colder.”

What are your thoughts? Would you let your child nap outside in sub-zero temperatures? Do you think it is helpful or harmful?



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