Monday's Food for Thought

Monday’s Food for Thought: ‘My space is small. My life is big.’

new food for thought

There have been a few posts on here in the past that have touched on the idea of the ‘freedom’ that comes with owning less ‘stuff’.  Many of us have learned this beautiful lesson the hard way through moving and having to downsize for grad school.  I came across this simple little article a while back in the NY Times and thought it summarized quite well what I’ve learned in my heart the past few years on this subject.

As we approach the summer with family moves and thoughts of  storage units swirling in our minds, I thought this might provide some good food for thought this Monday.


“Intuitively, we know that the best stuff in life isn’t stuff at all, and that relationships, experiences and meaningful work are the staples of a happy life.”


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