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Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Moving Checklist

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It’s moving time!

Over the last six years we’ve lived in Oxford, there’s been a lot of people that’s moved in and out of this city. This graduate transitional state is very normal, but this year is the biggest exodus I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Eight families (including my own) will leave this lovely city for destinations all over the world. It’s an exciting time!

Many conversations I’ve had over the past three months have been about shipping companies, movers, excitement over various things in storage back home, multiple donation trips to charity shops, and the ‘what can I get rid of here’ scenarios. I’ve lost count of the amount of sale links I’ve received via google docs, weebly, email, and the Oxford Newcomer’s group.

Since this is the time of year where most graduates and their families begin to organize and plan their moves, I thought this moving checklist from Real Simple could be useful. A lot of things on it are geared towards people living in the USA, but nevertheless, I found the timeline helpful. I would also add the below points to the list, especially if you are moving things to storage.

1. Create a dropbox folder, and divide tasks between you and your graduate. In the last 10 years, my husband and I have made three major moves. For this upcoming move, we created a shared dropbox folder with an excel spreadsheet where we can add tasks, provide updates, etc. This allows us both to know who is responsible for what. It keeps us from duplicating effort, saves time, and in my humble opinion, cuts down on potential bickering (moving is stressful, y’all)!

2. LABEL EVERYTHING if it’s going in storage. Before we moved to the UK, we moved from Florida to Virginia. My parents graciously allowed us to store everything in their basement. (Thanks, Viv and Chieftain!) While we were packing up our FL apartment, I meticulously labeled each box. Every box was numbered, had a printed inventory excel document taped to the top of the box that corresponded to an inventory excel spreadsheet saved on my computer. My husband thought I was crazy and so did the rest of my family…..until we moved to the UK, and I called my Mom and said, “Can you go to box six, pull out x, and mail it to me?” Suddenly, that time consuming project I had completed came in handy. By detailing each box, you may save yourself a lot of time and money, especially if it’s headed to storage, and you need someone to find something for you!

I hope these tips come in handy! Do you have any great tips for moving? Would you mind sharing in the comments below?



4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Moving Checklist

  1. Where were you two years ago, before I put everything in storage?!? Love the spreadsheet idea. Is there any situation that a spreadsheet does not simplify? :)

  2. My advice is to keep in mind that one year can lead to two can lead to permanent. Depending on how much you can bring and where you’re going, think along the lines of what you’ll want in the next three years instead of just what you’ll need to scrape by for a year (to avoid purchasing things you already own but are in storage who knows how far away).

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