Wednesday's Weekly Tip

Wednesday’s Weekly Tip: Good Food on a Tight Budget


{It’s been a busy couple of weeks and somehow this didn’t make it up yesterday! Oops. Thursday Tip Day it is!}


Oh grocery budgeting…

It seems this is a topic that almost every grad wife has touch upon again…and again…and again.

Recently an email chain went around with a few Oxford grad wives that collected loads of helpful thoughts and tips on this topic.  There was also an almost unanimous consensus from the emails that food budgeting is hard work.  Hard, hard work!

We hope to share some of the wisdom gleaned from those emails, but for now we came across a wonderful site {Good Food on a Tight Budget} and wanted to share!

If you are trying to eat healthy and fresh and still survive on a student budget, then check out this site and the incredibly simple and helpful tips listed here.

-Mandy & M.C.


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