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Monday’s Food for Thought: The Garbage Man of Europe

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Sweden needs more trash!

I recently ran across this short article (and it appears that I might have a slight obsession with reading about waste/recycling right now!) about Sweden’s waste incineration program, and thought it was completely fascinating. They are currently importing trash from other countries to fill the gaps in their waste-to-energy conversion;  trash that will heat 810,000 homes, and also provide electricity for 250,000 homes. How cool is that?

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One thought on “Monday’s Food for Thought: The Garbage Man of Europe

  1. That is very cool. The US is so far behind on green energy use. I’m just now seeing green flush toilets like the ones I saw in Germany 12 years ago and they are marketed as innovative. I recently found out our recycling gets shipped to China! Great, now I’m worried about the fuel used to ship it, is it better to just throw it out?! I knew someone who didn’t recycle because they couldn’t be bothered to rinse food containers out first, really how hard is it to rinse out a container! It makes me so mad. (I’ve also been a bit obsessed about this subject lately.)

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