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Monday’s Food for Thought: Higher education – Right or privilege?

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Is education a right or a privilege?

Or better yet, is higher education a right or a privilege?

With education costs soaring, and fewer jobs available for those wishing to pursue work in the academy, it’s a good question to ask. I ran across this article awhile back, and it took me back to the first discussions my husband and I had about going to grad school. We didn’t know if the cost was worth it, if we wanted to carry debt, or if he would end up with the job he wanted at the end of it. But, we decided to take the plunge and do it.

I wonder sometimes, as I’ve watched friends struggle with balancing growing families (and budgets!) and their school debt, if it really is worth it. I know it’s an incredibly personal choice to pursue a higher degree, but often finding a way to make it work, even after landing that dream job, can be difficult.

Great excerpt from the article:

The cost is making people wonder whether college is worth it. In the survey of the general public, a majority of respondents said they don’t believe the higher-education system is providing students with good value for the money.

Among all survey respondents who took out college loans and are no longer in school, about half said that paying back the loan has made it harder to make ends meet, 25 percent said it has made it difficult to buy a home, 24 percent said it has had an impact on the kind of career they are pursuing, and 7 percent said they have delayed getting married or starting a family.

Even a majority of college presidents said most people cannot afford a college education today.

What do you think? Do you think it’s been worth it?



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