The journey behind us, before us, and within us

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.25.38 AMDear Graduate Wife Readers,

Perhaps you’ve been reading for a few years now, or perhaps you’ve just found us. Wherever you are, welcome!

The idea for this blog was birthed in an Oxford coffee shop (Mandy), but it took a doer (M.C.) to make it happen. It surpassed every expectation of what we set out to achieve, which was to be a virtual space of connecting with others who were supporting their loved ones through graduate school. Our time here on the blog has been a priceless treasure born out of our own good and hard experiences, and the desire we had to use those experiences to encourage and nurture those coming up behind us. Our intertwined stories linked to graduate wives/partners/girlfriends all over the globe! How unbelievably thankful we are to share these stories with you.

While no new words have been penned here lately, our site offers a strong collection of advice, support, and hope for those who need it. We have both entered new seasons of life and will more than likely not be posting anything in the future.  In the archives, you’ll find a host of information on: academia beyond grad school, balancing life/work/children, expectations, sacrifices, finances, advice column (seriously, Dear Laura is a masterpiece), community, depression, faith, friendship, identity, marriage, moving, patience, trust, and uncertainty. We hope that the information you read is helpful to you on your current path. The blog remains important to us (after all, it was birthed out of our own true joys and sorrows!), so we want to leave it open for new readers to visit and find encouragement if possible.

We will still answer emails (thegraduatewife@gmail.com), so if you have a question, or just want to know how we managed to make it through a specific issue, please feel free to write. We will endeavour to respond!

Thank you for being part of our journey, and we wish you all the best on yours.

With love and admiration,

M.C. and Mandy

PS. Check out our top 10 Things We Learned As A Graduate Wife!


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