Grad Wife Tips!

Aspiring Kennedy’s Grad Wife Tips I

written by Lauren – a current graduate wife
My name is Lauren. I’m a Texan, living in Oxford, & working in London.  I’m so glad to take a break from my normal blog, Aspiring Kennedy, and be here at The Graduate Wife.   After all, our journey through graduate school is one of my favorite topics of discussion!
As my husband finishes his masters here in Oxford, we feel very bittersweet. I’ll be sad to leave the idyllic cocoon of student life we’ve found ourself in- but the adventure of what comes next seems to capture my imagination. I know some partners feel that they have to “survive” the graduate journey- but, to be honest, it’s be the sweetest time of our marriage yet.  My husband has always taken great strides to spoil me, but I’m also quite capable of taking care of myself!  l’m excited to share with you a few things that keep the everyday from feeling routine. They might not be the biggest splurges, but their presence, at times, kept me from tipping over the edge of sanity… and feeling fancy.  Stay tuned all here all week!

9 thoughts on “Aspiring Kennedy’s Grad Wife Tips I

  1. Because as we all know, tan fat looks better than pasty white fat! Pretty much my life motto – although you would never know it looking at my pasty legs!

  2. I love the idea of buying luxe nail polish…something I don’t do often enough! Also a great way to feel pampered!

  3. Love this post, and blog! I’m a graduate wife in South Louisiana, my hubs is working on his specialists. Between the graduate bank account standings and Murphy’s Law I’ve had no choice but to slather on the tan lotion and paint my own nails lol.

  4. Lauren! Great tips!

    & someone recently asked me on my formspring what to i do when I don’t feel so great about myself … I said a little fake bake on my face is wonder for the self esteem. (:

    Looking forward to reading over here for the next few days!

  5. I’m not a graduate wife, but I loved these tips for living well and happily, as well as for nurturing a serious relationship, on a tight budget! Thanks for sharing all of them!

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