Grad Wife Tips!

Aspiring Kennedy’s Grad Wife Tips II

Written by Lauren – a current graduate wife



3 thoughts on “Aspiring Kennedy’s Grad Wife Tips II

  1. Lauren, these are so great!! Thanks for sharing. I especially love this one! I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful treat it is for me to take my toddler down to the local coffee shop in our area and strap her in a high chair and treat myself to a latte. :) It’s the little things that seem to celebrate and pamper that get us through. :)

  2. LOVE this! Such great ideas :) My favorite is the making your place “homey” and bringing things that can add character…this helped me big time!

  3. agreed! it’s the little perks that keep you rolling when things start feeling blah. :) thanks for having me, mimi! i love the graduate wife! :)

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