Day of Love

February is around the corner and Valentines will be here before long.  With that on our minds, we love sharing the below piece because it captures all the things we’d hope to do in a ‘day of love’, Valentines or any other day to celebrate one’s love.  It’s incredibly important during this sometimes demanding and daunting season to take time out to do just that…celebrate your love and your marriage.  We hope you get inspired and can carve out some time for ‘days of love’ in your near future. -Mandy & M.C.

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Written by Nicole, a current graduate wife

“Hey, I want to talk to you,” I often say to him.

“Talk about what?” he usually replies.

“Our love,” I always gush.

This joke (or is it?) is so engrained in our relationship vernacular that last spring we decided to make a day of celebrating our love. We called it – wait for it – a Day of Love.

Our first Day of Love was well-documented:

We started out with breakfast in bed… Day of Love, Part 1

Then went to a romantic castle… Day of Love, Part 2

And ended up at a bookstore… Day of Love, Part 3

It was so awesome that we now make it a regular thing.

Four times a year – spring, summer, autumn, winter – you should have a Day of Love. Put it on your calendar and look forward to it all season long! It’s just a day to celebrate your love. That’s it. It’s actually important not to have a reason, like a birthday or Valentine’s Day or something.

From sun up (way up, in my sleep-loving case) to sun down, you should do what you love doing together. You could take turns planning or you could plan your Days of Love together.

Get up and watch the sunrise snuggling under your most cuddly blanket.

Get a chai latte and some banana bread at your favorite cozy café.

Get a shower at home and tidy your room so you’re ready to come back to it, if you know what I mean.

Get a picnic basket (or, let’s be honest, a Tesco bag) and fill it with lunch treats you would normally never buy, like artichoke hearts and fancy cheeses.

Get your favorite childhood candies and go to the movies.

Get an appetizer and drinks at a posh restaurant and go to McDonalds afterwards if you’re still hungry.

Get back to your place and light some candles and…

Get it on!

Our next one is on Friday and I. can’t. wait! Woohoo!


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