Beauty and the Budget

Beauty & the Budget: A Year Round Valentine’s Day Gift

vday image

I’m not a particularly crafty person. I tend to draw my creativity from my friends, even going so far as letting them ‘create’ for me. It’s something I have to work very hard at, so if I do find myself in ‘create’ mode, I usually have to give myself a loads of space and time to finish.

Every once in awhile, I do find a project that I want to work on. I saw the below project a few months back (I think on pinterest?), and decided it would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for my better half. We tend to not celebrate Valentine’s Day (Soapbox: I really don’t need a designated day of the year for my husband to tell me he loves me. He does that every day), but this year I wanted to do something that we could have fun with year round.

IMG_0623 I went to a local craft store to purchase a frame, silver wrapping paper, and stencil letters.


I cut a square of the silver wrapping paper to fit inside the frame. Using clear tape, I pasted the wrapping paper  to the back of the frame, making it the background.


I cut the stencil letters out, arranging the message on the frame’s background, still a bit undecided of what the final layout will look like.


You’ll see I left about 2 inches at the bottom of the frame, plenty of space to write a message. I’ll hang this somewhere in our flat, so we can leave little messages to one another year round.


Easy project, costing no more than £10, and I get to write love notes to my man year round.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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